Surgery Prices
Male Cat$45, includes free flea treatment
Female Cat$55, includes free flea treatment
Feral Cat - Ear Tip Required$45, includes vaccines and flea/earmite treatment
Dogs up to 50 Pounds$85
Dogs 50-90 Pounds$100
IV Recommended for Tiny Dogs$5
Elizabethan (cone) Collar Recommended for All Dogs  $6
Nail Trim Under Anesthesia$5
Other Services
Cat Flea Treatment$3
Cat Flea and Earmite Treatment$7
Cat Tapeworm Treatment$10
Dog Flea Treatment up to 50 Pounds$10
Dog Flea Treatment over 50 Pounds$15
Dog Ear Infection Treatment$30
VaccinesAnimals Spayed or Neutered at WAGAnimals Spayed or Neutered Elsewhere
Feline Distemper$10$12
Feline Leukemia$14$17
FIV/FeLV Test$20$25
Dog Parvo$10$12